PT. Insansandang Internusa is a Premium Quality Supplier of Ring Spun Yarns. We produce several types of synthetic yarns, e.g. 100% Polyester and different blends of Polyester & Viscose Rayon. We have wide range of products in single as well as multifold yarns. All single yarn products are available in wide range of Ne 4ˢ to Ne 60ˢ, and plied yarns up to 10 plies. Our 8” Traverse Propeller driven Assembly Winding Package enables us to make up to 2.5 kg of knotless / spliceless twisted yarn package in our smart twisters. We can also supply single compact yarn and siro compact twisted yarn.


Our weaving factory is specialized in Greige for Uniform Suiting (e.g. School Uniform; Military, Police, Security Guard Uniform; Civil Servant Uniform; Office Uniform; Medical Workers Uniform; etc.) and Greige for Industrial Use (e.g. Canvas Belting for Automotive; Sandpaper; Agriculture Needs; etc.) made from various materials (e.g. 100% Polyester, 100% Cotton, 100% Viscose Rayon, Polyester & Viscose Rayon Blended, Polyester & Cotton Blended, etc.).

Dyeing Finishing

Dyeing Finishing Unit processes various greige materials (e.g. 100% Polyester, 100% Cotton, 100% Viscose Rayon, Polyester & Viscose Rayon Blended, Polyester & Cotton Blended, etc) into finished fabric material. Using dyestuff material from reputable supplier, we are able to add special finishing such as water repellent, stain release, fire retardant, anti UV, etc, upon request. On select quality, our machine is capable to produce finish fabric with width up to 70 inch or 180cm.



PT. INSANSANDANG INTERNUSA was established in June 1988 as a response of the market demand for high quality uniform materials. Our facility is located in Sumedang, just outside of Bandung, the capital city of West Java. Started with the spirit and philosophy to look always for the best, supported by sophisticated production machines and other modern working facilities, we continually improve our process and system to be the leading uniform manufacturer.
We have revitalized and replaced some of our machines, and we are keeping our machines up to date so that we can achieve the quality and quantity that our market desired.
Our concern on the environment aspect, lead us to keep searching for the improvement not only in the waste management system, but also in the selection of materials used in our processes. Our aim is to have our liquid-waste to be processed and ultimately can be recycle and reus
In order to keep ourselves in check, PT. Insansandang Internusa implements ISO 9001 quality management system. With this, we are using standardized working system to ensure the consistency of our products, and the continual improvement wherever and whenever possible.
Our products is tailor made to our customers’ request and requirement, and we ship our fabrics nationally as well as of internationally.
In textile business, PT. Insansandang Internusa is known for its high quality products. This acknowledgment is attained as the company always applies high quality control to all products being manufactured. For us, quality is always our primary concern.

Address & Contact

Insansandang Internusa

Jl. Rancaekek No.KM 22, RW.5, Cinta Mulya, Jatinangor, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat 45363.


Kawasan Industri Dwipapuri Abadi Kav. C12, Sawahdadap, Cimanggung, Sumedang Regency, West Java 45364.


Weaving & Dyeing Finishing

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Spinning Mills

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